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Recover and Rewire: Automation After Covid-19


This is the inaugural post on the ProProcess blog, and it's hard to know where to begin. But I'll start with a commitment: everything we do—including this blog—will deliver value. Whether you're a client, are thinking about becoming a client, or just looking to pick up some ideas, we're here to listen, offer a little hard-earned wisdom, and even the occasional laugh.

Starting now. But... "now" is an awfully strange time, isn't it? For the past four months, virtually every organization in the free world has been seeking ways to accomplish digitally what had previously been handled in person. Everything from professional conferences to doctor visits to classroom instruction is different than it was when the year was new.

As a result, we expect the organizations will soon experience—if they are not doing so already—some novel challenges:

  1. Let's face it: we're taking a lot of shortcuts as we struggle to adjust to our remote workforce and a customer base unwillingly forced to change how they interact with you. But one day things will go back to some version of status quo ante virus. When that happens, we'll have some choices to make about what parts of the new paradigm we adopt forever.

  2. Based on those decisions, we'll then have to revisit many of the choices we made when selecting tools and platforms as the crisis set in. Then we were looking for solutions that were easy to implement and got the job done; but going forward, we may want to swap some of those out for digital resources that make sense for the long haul.

  3. We'll likely stick with some of our choices while moving to replace others; either way, there's going to be some rewiring to do with respect to automation. Filling in the cracks where we rushed things, integrating new technologies, and generally ensuring that our processes match our new paradigms is going to take some thought and effort.

If you'd like some thoughts on your specific situation, please drop me a line at I'm happy to talk things over with you.

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