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proProcess is your guide, advisor, coach, confidante, and partner as you build your pre-seed, seed-stage, or growth-stage technology venture for success!

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Concept Stage

Your idea is amazing, disruptive, and brilliant! But is it a business?

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Starting Up

Lawyers, accounts, and teammates: oh my! There are so many decisions to be made—and they all seem important, even if you're not always sure why.

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Growth Stage

Now you've got some momentum—and an entirely new set of challenges and decisions to make. It's a whole new world: are you ready for growth?

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We know the enterprise market. You might think that massive corporations only buy from IBM and Oracle—but in reality, enterprise customers often have thousands—even millions!—of vendors of every size and category. These big businesses value innovation as a way to gain an edge over their competition, without the overhead of the massive forklift implementations that huge multinational vendors always seem to impose. And they value the agility and attention they have learned to expect from small ventures.

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We're entrepreneurs to the core. We've built and grown software companies, which means that we've been in the battle. Our accomplishments are accompanied by scars.

Engage with us to:

  • Focus your products directly on what the market is seeking

  • Organize your team, identify new talent, and build out processes

  • Participate in FounderCare™, ensuring you'll always have a partner when you're facing the challenging—and often lonely—path to building a successful company.

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Looking for other types of assistance? Let's talk! We'd love to find ways that our experience in business and technology leadership can help turn your idea, start-up, or young business into a thriving, happy success story.

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Let's Put Our Heads Together!

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