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So many platforms, so little time. Let us help you choose the technology that will deliver value now and in the future.

All those BPM, digital process automation, and RPA platforms can be hard to tell apart. But there are differences, and understanding them can mean the difference between a rapidly-deployed, broadly-adopted success and getting lost in the wilderness. We've spent years understanding both the solutions and the use cases, and we're ready to help you with RFP development, product evaluation and comparison, configuration, and selection.

For Vendors

You know your product and your market. But there's nothing like a fresh pair of eyes for spotting—and filling—the potholes in your roadmap.

Our founder, Scott Menter, has decades of experience building enterprise automation solutions. His half-day product roadmap workshop is a great way to orient yourself in the marketplace and focus on the products and features that put you head and shoulders above the rest.


It's a changed world. Is your digital future on track? 

Vision is the ability to see your goal even when it is well ahead of you. We can work with you at any scope, from identifying that first project on which so much depends, to establishing a center of excellence and a roadmap for the future.

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